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The road to fitness has been long and arduous. Did I think it would be easy? No, but I didn’t think it would be this tough. Then it hit me. I thought about how much time, dedication and determination it took to work in the news industry and the same amount of effort it takes to continue to excel...READ MORE about Nineveh's Healthy Lifestyle

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I must admit, I've been obsessed with discovering new healthy recipes lately and with my busy schedule I want them to be easy to make. The less time they require the better! Unless I'm making Assyrian dolma (which only happens once a year), then I will put in the 8 hours it requires! READ MORE about Nineveh's journey to health and her recipes

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I want to tell you about why there is STRENGTH in your TEARS. For much of my life, I have been clasped. Tightly wound. For so long, I thought the meaning of true strength was holding back my tears, putting on a brave face and letting the world know, and those around me, my loved ones…that nothing, and no one could rattle my core. I was “STRONG....READ MORE about Nineveh's message of empowerment for women

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